This page features Toph Beifong’s relationships along with other letters in the wide world of Avatar

This page features Toph Beifong’s relationships along with other letters in the wide world of Avatar

Lin Beifong

20 years adopting the end of one’s Hundred year Combat, Toph offered delivery to a girl, Lin, exactly who inherited this lady earthbending overall performance and have now likewise manage the sandwich-experience of metalbending and you will seismic sense, regardless of if Toph believed Lin never slightly over come the secret aspects to the knowledge. [2] The 2 share similar characters, as they can each other feel blunt and you may stubborn occasionally; Toph try known from the Korra to be a “irritable, way more unhappy variety of Lin”, [3] and you can Toph proudly affirmed by herself as actually “the first Beifong”. [2]

Even after the girl good motives as a single mom, Toph refused to mention Lin’s dad with her, which considered greatly for her child. Despite this, Lin continued to possess regard for her mommy as the Master of Police, due to the fact she is aggravated within Suyin as the cause for Toph’s early retirement. [4] The relationships turned burdened by 154 AG, they had ceased emailing one another. [1]

After they reunited by chance in 174 AG to store a beneficial grabbed Suyin and her members of the family, Toph acted everyday along with her girl, inadvertently implementing their nerves. Lin ultimately unloaded toward Toph just after Bolin obtained a means to fix issue exactly who the woman father was, blaming Toph having never ever understanding otherwise compassionate as to why she infuriated the lady. Since the Lin said she need little significantly more regarding the woman immediately following rescuing their loved ones, Toph solemnly acknowledged the words, saying that she would invest in it if that is exactly what Lin need. Later site web de rencontres de pieds on, shortly after properly which have spared men, Lin apologized for her harsh terms and conditions, that Toph admitted she wasn’t the best mommy, even when try however proud of how she got wound up with high daughters. Stating that it actually was adequate on her to understand that Lin did not dislike the girl, Lin acknowledged the girl words and you may common a little hug. [1]

Suyin Beifong

Toph willingly involved Suyin’s cut when she is captured because of the Kuvira and you may passionately hugged the girl back upon the lady launch.

From inside the 126 AG, Toph got her second girl, Suyin, that have another kid. Suyin in addition to passed down earthbending and you may expertise of the sandwich-skill out-of metalbending, even if Toph believed that Suyin never some get over the key areas of such feel. [2] Toph gave the girl along with her sis the new liberty you to definitely she performed not have if you find yourself increasing upwards, however when Suyin had arrested from the Lin to be this new wheelman toward Terra Triad, Toph tore in the report and delivered the lady second girl so you’re able to live with the woman grand-parents. A year later, Toph resigned, whenever you are Suyin went on to build the city out of Zaofu. They both resigned in the incident and Toph create often go to just before she ran regarding interested in enlightenment. [4] [5]

When you find yourself residing in the fresh new Foggy Swamp, Toph remaining an eye on Zaofu and you may immediately after reading one to Suyin along with her family unit members was basically taken prisoner of the Kuvira during the 174 AG, Toph traveled toward new metal city so you can help save him or her. On getting reunited together with her youngest child, Toph assist herself end up being hugged and readily returned the fresh new incorporate. Once successfully escaping the brand new prison, Toph indexed how happy she was to have like great girl once the Suyin and you can Lin. [1]

Whilst not commonly openly kind, Toph exhibited a good warmness into the lady only granddaughter. Throughout this lady check outs to Zaofu, Toph do usually tell the lady stories regarding the lady early in the day. In 174 AG, whenever Toph visited save her family members, Opal rushed so you can kiss her, an action Toph didn’t overcome, even when she work brief and you can relocated to hold Opal’s hands instead. Appraising this lady grandchild, she fondly noted simply how much she had adult, even when expected the lady wisdom when studying you to Racy is actually their flying bison and you can Bolin the woman date. [1]

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