I do like this new possum wrasses, but do you really believe they had be friends with the brand new redline wrasse?

I do like this new possum wrasses, but do you really believe they had be friends with the brand new redline wrasse?

I really don’t consider it will be compatible to try and fit good Cirrhilabrus varieties to your tank. I am aware the brand new Paracheilinus variety commonly eager to-be remaining solamente, therefore they might be out. The Pseudocheilinus are way too feisty to own my personal choices (especially in a container that it proportions). In my own quote, you to definitely simply leaves the fresh new Wetmorella variety. These are generally so shy and you can docile (and you will awesome! People don’t make purchases due to the fact areas are not equipping them, that is while the nobody requests for him or her so that they try not to inventory him or her for people to see and so on. If you find yourself investing that knows how much cash (and you may big date, and energy) to your a container, I’d go ahead and fit everything in I can to help you snag that prime extreme jewel of a fish out-of my personal wishlist!

Dimensions, readily available safety/covering up towns/separation of eyes outlines, regularity out-of giving, roominess of your own container, most of these will be more essential. While seriously interested in a great wrasse, see one of equivalent proportions and keep maintaining an eye on her or him getting territoriality and you can race to have dining. Several feedings a-day could well be an enormous make it possible to suppress any hostility if it turns up. Only be happy to put one in new “penalty package” or as the Bob phone calls it “break” inside a pasta colander. want Rate My Date dating reviews This might be shielded on the website in more detail. Keep in mind our company is these are netting a good wrasse, and this once the you’re probably aware is nightmarish. Basically, my personal top priority wouldn’t be the specific wrasses chosen (in this reason) but instead a back-up bundle is some thing go south.

That being said, that have a couple smallish variety, put as near together with her as you are able to, and you will an eye fixed away having behavioral difficulties, you should be fine with the options you stated a lot more than. Disappointed! Thank you once again so much for everybody that you would for the passion! Guarantee this can be helpful. We drip acclimated for about ninety moments following the lights ran call at the latest container. This morning, regarding the twelve times after, brand new Dottyback is out and throughout the exploring their the fresh landscape. Is the fresh addition the reason for his timidity? Did We pitfall him underneath, otherwise do the guy have the ability to move aside if that try where he’d selected to sleep past?

The weird region is that the redline wrasse are no place to help you rise above the crowd

Carter Re: Wrasse compatibility 5/ Wrasse made his grand appearance shortly after your reply. Anyway, I thought you’d like to know!

A red move wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia) is actually possible, nevertheless they have a look pretty impossible to come across

New Wrasse additions 5/ Hello WWM Crew, I have a 12′ 460 gallon aquarium, stocked with a 5.5″ Harlequin Tusk (can be very aggressive to new additions- he was particularly so with my Birdmouth Wrasse who he chased repeatedly), a 6″ Birdmouth Wrasse, 5″ Majestic Angel, big Snowflake and Zebra Moray and a 9-10″ Golden Puffer amongst a number of Domino Damsels. I was thinking about adding at the same time a large Sling-Jaw Wrasse (Epibulus insidiator), a Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) and a Yellow Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) to the mix. I have plenty of live rock split into two islands with a large open water swimming space in the centre of the tank. Do you think these Wrasse would be suitable with my current stock and with each other, particularly adding the two Thalassoma wrasse? Lastly, slightly off topic I have had both the Harlequin Tusk and Majestic Angel for 3.5 years now and have noticed minimal growth in both, particularly with the Majestic. Do you know of any reason for why this may be the case? Perhaps as I see them every day I don’t notice the growth as much. Thank you for your time and advice, I appreciate it a lot! Jake

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