The brand new housekeeper of your own Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, and you can a properly-identified “fixer” for the Inazuma

The brand new housekeeper of your own Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, and you can a properly-identified “fixer” for the Inazuma

Amicable and you will approachable, Thoma fits in towards the group with ease irrespective of where they are.At first, he appears to be an incredibly easygoing person, but he could be in reality very in charge. He has an extraordinarily major top, be it inside the functions otherwise their social communications.


Thoma is well known by Inazumans becoming a “helper” – permitting everyone aside and you will making certain one affairs was rapidly and you may soundly resolved.

The child off an Inazuman dad and you will Mondstadter mother, Thoma shares this new attributes noticed in both nations’ individuals; their father placed a focus on respect, if you find yourself getting increased inside Mondstadt created that he can potentially socialize with a lot of people. The guy thinks that folks would be to cheerfully see a relaxing lifetime and you may doesn’t for example care about their profile, in the event someone chat unwell of your. The guy originally decided to go to Inazuma to take their father Dandelion Wine, but shortly after losing overboard, he ended up into the Inazuma without relationships no Mora. In spite of the risks the guy encountered during the time, Thoma was able to benefit from his state and you may fundamentally received the latest Kamisato Clan’s believe. He is an effective staff, solving the Kamisato Clan’s products inside the a timely buy. [2]

The guy towns and cities high commitment towards the Kamisato Clan. Even after their easy-going physical appearance, he suggests zero mercy to people which threaten the fresh Kamisato siblings therefore the Yashiro Commission. He does not use his connectivity for personal increases.


Hailing away from Mondstadt, [3] Thoma is actually an early boy having eco-friendly eyes and messy blonde hair fastened inside good ponytail of the a reddish cable with tassels diminishing so you’re able to bronze at the closes.

Thoma’s outfit is actually a combination regarding Western-design clothes which have elements of samurai armor. The guy wears a pretty, yellow and you can black cropped coat over a black top, along with a pair of gold dog labels hanging out his neck. The latest buttoned cuffs out-of their silver-cut kote-for example arm try designed which have a good fleur-de-lis framework. The guy wears a black colored steel headband into his head, having gold-accented horns resembling brand new maedate (side crest) of an effective kabuto head protection. The guy wears an excellent Pyro Sight towards the his buckle, together with a beneficial kusazuri (tassel) adorned having fiery Kamisato Clan crests on the other stylish. An equivalent crest try designated to your poleyns from their boot-laced suneate (shin guards) having tabi boots. The guy also offers quick, red studded earrings.

Authoritative Inclusion

What Taroumaru implied is actually you to Thoma is great at the bringing proper care of anyone which will be a very good friend. Nevertheless can’t simply take care of someone else, you have got to take care of on your own as well. Waiting, what exactly are your chuckling in the! I was only converting just what Taroumaru told you!

Thoma, who was born for the Mondstadt, now resides in Inazuma, in which he is the new Kamisato Clan’s housekeeper. He or she is along with a properly-known “fixer” inside Inazuma.

Possibly dependent on the relaxed and you may happier surroundings away from their home town, Thoma is great during the communicating. Regardless if he could be a keen outlander, he has got established an all of a sudden strong system of people when you look at the Inazuma.

He is an enthusiastic affable individual by nature and can effortlessly rating doing work in some subject areas and you can present relationship with assorted anyone. If it is time to defend the brand new legal rights and you may interests out-of the latest Yashiro Fee, he will and additionally set their look out and show his serious top.

He’s a captive, friendly, and you will sociable person that cares for everyone dogs and comrades, but maybe the guy and additionally seems particular unspeakable homesickness.

Thoma’s specialized term from the Kamisato Clan would be the fact from a good “housekeeper,” and then he is in charge of things such as for instance cooking and cleaning.

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